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How to install Integration modules for Hyper-V and Azure on Rocky Linux 8.x

Alright, this was a bit of hard to hunt down, basically open-vm-tools dont work for Hyper-V since they are focued for VMWare.

This actually became quiet a head-scratcher for me to make sure my VMs stay healthy. After some searches and hit and try methods, i came up with the following steps.

Step 1: ssh into your Rocky Linux:
#ssh username@rockylinuxip

Step2 : update your Rocky Linux:
#sudo dnf update -y

Step 3: Install Hyper-V specific integration packages:
#sudo dnf install -y hyperv-daemons

Step 4: Reboot

And you are done, The steps above is enough for integrating Rocky Linux 8.x to your Hyper-V 2016 and up enviornment. If you need to do an integration for Azure specifically i recommend you to follow recommended steps from Microsoft for RHEL, Rocky Linux 8.x, Alma Linux 8.x and Oracle Linux 8

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